2017 Front Porch Conversations
In their time, Mardy and Olaus’ front porch was a favorite gathering place of scholars, scientists, school children and friends to discuss ideas on how to further wilderness protection efforts. In continuing with the tradition, The Murie Center invites colleagues to share their work from Mardy's front porch, and encourage dialogue surrounding key themes and topics. Mardy's Front Porch Conversations will run throughout the 2017 summer months – from June through September. There are five conversations scheduled through September. The topics include:
  • June 7 - How Science Impacts Public Land Policy  with Sue Consolo-Murphy, Chief of Science and Resource Management, Grand Teton National Park
  • July 13 - Historic Preservation on Public Lands with Katherine Wonson (Director, Western Center for Historic Preservation)
  • August 30 - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and our Public Lands with Luther Propst (Consultant, Luther Propst Consulting), Megan Kohli (Youth, Outreach & Volunteer Program Manager, Grand Teton National Park), and Andres Esparza (Field Education Faculty, Teton Science Schools)
  • September 7 - Wilderness Warriors: Justice William O. Douglas and the Muries with Judge Mary Margaret McKeown (Federal Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit)
  • September 13 - Stresses and Strategies in Managing Public Lands with Linda Merigliano (Wilderness & Recreation Program Manager, Wyoming's Bridger Teton National Forest) & Brian Glaspell (Refuge Manage, National Elk Refuge).
Refreshments: 5:45pm - Conversation: 6:00-7:00pm Mardy's Front Porch Conversations are free to attend, no registration required.