Note, as of April 2015, the Murie Family Collection is currently closed to research, image requests and special projects until further notice. This measure is taken to complete necessary inventory and cataloging work, which will ultimately allows us to better facilitate archival requests in the near future. Thanks for your understanding.

Murie Family Collection Preservation Project

The cozy “Studio Cabin” on the Murie Ranch houses The Murie Center's archives -- the Murie Family Collection. This collection contains photographs, personal papers, awards, art, books and personal objects from the lives of the Muries.
    It was the Murie family’s hope that these archival materials could be used “in defense of wild nature.” In honoring the family’s wishes, the historical collection plays an important role in the mission of The Murie Center. Sharing these materials with researchers, Center guests and the public will allow a deeper understanding of the Muries’ lives and contributions.
      In 2015, The Murie Center has committed to:
      • improve the condition of the collection
      • upgrade storage to best practices in the field
      • continue to organize the collection
      • make recommendations on digitization
      • respond to the growing number of research inquires and visitors
      • identify and train community volunteers
      • build relationships with local and national related institutions.
      The original materials within The Murie Center’s archive collection have intrinsic value themselves, but also serve as an important resource in contributing to the advancement of the conservation movement.  Promoting the Murie legacy via historical and biographical publications, in both print and digital media, is important to teaching the general public about conservation as well as members of the conservation movement about the work of their predecessors.  Such publications serve to inspire and recruit new conservationists and to aid present efforts to fortify public and legislative support for conservation.  Promoting research and publication of Murie family materials will be a valuable part of the archives programming when time and resources permit. In the meantime, please enjoy a sneak peak from the scanned archives below.