Your support matters!

The Murie Center/Teton Science Schools is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt, 501(c)3 charitable organization, so your gift can be tax deductible. A gift of any size supports The Murie Center’s ability to play a unique role in bringing people together to inspire action that protects nature. Contact us today to discuss how the following giving options might work for you:
  • Donate Online, By Mail or By Telephone: Making a gift of cash is as simple as writing a check payable to “The Murie Center” or authorizing a charge from your credit or debit card via the Teton Science Schools online donation page and choosing the designation of "The Murie Center Annual Fund" from the pull down menu here: Donate Online.
  • Matching Gifts: Many companies match gifts made by employees to non-profit organizations. Increase the impact of your gift by asking your employer to match your contributions to The Murie Center. Our Tax ID # is 83-0219163.
  • Gift of Securities: Gifts of stock, bonds and mutual funds are a great way to support our work.
  • Make a Planned Gift: Include The Murie Center in your will or trust.
Of course there are many more ways you can help make a difference and get involved. When it comes to securing our future for the benefit of people and nature, there is no action too small. In advance of your support, thank you!

Why support The Murie Center?

The Murie Center is dedicated to bringing people together to inspire action that protects nature - an opportunity and obligation passed on through the legacy of the Muries. The Murie Center continues to play an important role in ensuring the betterment of the future for all life, because when nature thrives, people thrive. We work to engage all people to become a part of a 21st century conservation movement. The Murie Center’s inclusive approach recognizes that conservation is in the interest of everyone; our efforts are aimed at a broader population to ensure long-term success. We also believe that more people could feel empowered to make a difference. Our programs and outreach inspire people to create a better future in their home communities. Vast landscapes and many threatened species were protected because of the work of dedicated individuals in the 20th century. Today we know that more could be done to create a better future for our planet’s people, wildlife and wild lands. The inspiring story of Mardy and Olaus are an ideal example of the power of committed citizens following their passion with kindness and conviction.  And this story is more relevant than ever. One person, no matter who they are or where they are from, can make a positive impact on our world. The Murie Center continues to share this message with each visitor to the historic Murie Ranch.