Note: this program was active in 2015, but no longer offered

2015 Pattie Layser Writer-in-Residence

Program Guidelines

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Introduction The Murie Center’s Pattie Layser Writer-In-Residence Program provides an opportunity for writers, digital and multi-media experts ― with a concentration or specialization in environmental conservation ― to experience the surroundings that helped inspire the work of Olaus, Mardy, Adolph and Louise Murie, and which now serve to advance their legacy. The purpose of our program is to offer a residency to individuals interested in highlighting and promoting the importance of conserving wild lands, wildlife, open spaces and natural habitats, through the written word and/or diverse forms of multi-media. The location of the Murie Ranch – a National Historic Landmark District in Grand Teton National Park – will enable the resident to immerse themselves in a secluded, natural setting adjacent to the Snake River, at the base of the Teton Mountains. The Murie Ranch is in Moose, Wyoming, which is approximately a 20 minute drive north of the Town of Jackson (aka. Jackson Hole). This program is generously supported by the Earle F. Layser family and honors the late Pattie B. Layser, a conservation journalist who published over a hundred articles on adventure travel, conservation, art, and the Greater Yellowstone region; including several articles about Mardy Murie. Pattie’s voice, which grew out of her love for the Tetons, was cut short by her unfortunate passing in 2013. The guiding principle of this writer-in-residence program is to provide for a continuation of Pattie Layser’s conservation ethos, along with her voice and the legacy of the Muries, in support of conservation. Our expectation is that the resident shall use their chosen art form and talent to tell new and original stories that will communicate the importance of protecting wild lands and wildlife to contemporary society.   Residency The honor of serving as a Pattie Layer Writer-in-Residence at The Murie Center consists of the following program details: 1) Accommodations on the Murie Ranch for a maximum of 20 days. 2) A private bedroom with en suite plumbing will be provided (i.e., individual log cabin) along with use of a dorm-style kitchen and a shared laundry room. 3) A stipend of $750.00. Residents provide their own food, transportation, computer, word processing and printing capability, long-distance phone calls, materials and supplies, postage, and any necessary field equipment. Note a reliable Wireless Internet connection is available across most of the Murie Ranch. The Murie Ranch is a natural setting in Grand Teton National Park. Black and grizzly bears, moose, elk, mule deer and other wildlife frequent the property. Applicants must be at ease living with wildlife and comfortable with rustic accommodations. The Murie Center manages the historical Murie Family Collection (aka. Murie Archives) on the grounds, which are available for research while working in concert with our professional archivist. The Collection includes the Muries personal library, their published articles, well-known and lesser known speeches, congressional testimony and personal and professional correspondence. Additional local Murie collections exist at the Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum, and at the Murie Museum of Teton Science Schools’ Kelly Campus; of which The Murie Center staff can arrange access to. Also of note is the Teton County Library in the Town of Jackson, which is an excellent full-service library. Pattie B. Layser’s published articles, journal notes, and files are available for reference from The Murie Center, her family, online and via the Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum. There are no provisions for partners or children; although in some cases they will be considered if the project while in residence warrants more than one person’s involvement and space is available. No pets are allowed to stay in residence on the Murie Ranch, per National Park Service policy.   Selection Process The selected Pattie Layser Writer-In-Residence will be chosen with consideration given to the candidate’s application including, prior work, project description, and the potential for the proposed project to be completed successfully, and for it to be a positive influence in championing protection of wild lands and wildlife. The selection panel is comprised of distinguished professionals in the fields of conservation and humanities, and those especially well-acquainted with the work of the Muries and of Pattie Layser.   Eligibility The Murie Center will accept applications from writers, journalists, digital and multi-media experts who are currently engaged in relevant research, writing and/or communications projects that have potential to make a difference and are consistent with the overarching goals and guidelines of the Pattie Layser Writer-In-Residence Program. Writing/media proposals will be judged on: 1) The potential to continue the Murie Legacy in a manner that is relevant to contemporary issues. 2) The likelihood that the proposed project will significantly contribute to or benefit the preservation of wild lands, wildlife, and natural habitats in a definable manner. 3) The qualifications of the applicant (education; prior publications; films; or relevant use of digital or multi-media in conservation; experience and awards). 4) The potential for broad reach with publication, and to positively influence and educate an identified significant population or audience. 5) The proposed project’s (and its publication/output) relevance to present day issues and to projected future needs for communication, which have potential to increase awareness and understanding of important conservation issues. 6) A clear understanding of the applicant’s publishing process, potential publisher(s) or the existence of a contract or means for publishing, which has the potential to reach a significant or broad segment of society. 7) Whether the proposed project has the potential to measurably translate into action in support of conservation values. The Murie Center encourages applications representing a wide range of experience, perspectives, cultural and demographic backgrounds. To that end, both aspiring and well-established writers, digital and multi-media experts are invited to apply. Applicants who are currently enrolled in a graduate degree program, involved in relevant research programs, or who are in the process of publishing a significant work are also eligible.   Additional Program Expectations Each application will be evaluated independently and its expected outputs established and agreed upon before a proposal is accepted to be Pattie Layser Writer-in-Residence. The Murie Center will expect that a portion, if not all of the writing or media work produced, will support and promote the continuation of The Murie Center’s mission. Furthermore, The Murie Center will have the right to promote and support the resident and their resulting work at the organization’s discretion.   Application Deadlines Announcement of the open application process will be predominantly made via The Murie Center’s website; Facebook page and Twitter account so please check these communication channels for news and updates. The Murie Center will only accept applications for the next immediate deadline:
  • 2015 Application Deadline: February 27, 2015
  • Applicants will be notified of admission status on or around April 1, 2015. In the interim, please no phone calls or emails to The Murie Center in regards to your application status. A confirmation email will be sent upon initial receipt of your application.
  Application Process Candidates should send completed copies of their application to: The Murie Center Attn: Pattie Layser Writer-in-Residence Program PO Box 399 Moose WY 83012 Email: Complete applications must include all following components:
  • A statement of interest and proposed project summary
  • Writing, journalistic, or relevant digital or multi-media work sample (not to exceed five pages)
  • Résumé or CV
  • A list of significant publications or relevant accomplishments.
  • A description of the proposed method of publication or platform, potential publisher(s), any existing contracts or statement of interest from a publisher.
  • A statement explaining how the proposed project will contribute to promoting the Murie legacy and protecting wild lands and wildlife within contemporary society.
  • An estimated time for completion of the project. The project need not be completed on site within the residency period, but should have a reasonable and acceptable timeline. (The honorarium/stipend will be paid upon satisfactory completion of the project or consist of a series of partial payments as outlined in a separate agreement, if applicable.)
  • A signed and dated copy of these program guidelines indicating that the applicant has read, understands and agrees to abide by all stipulations and guidelines herein.
  • Processing Fee ($25.00 – see below)
  Processing Fee A nonrefundable processing fee of $25.00 USD is required for each application. This fee may be paid by personal check or credit card.   Reapplication All applicants who have previously been a Pattie Layser Writer-in-Residence must submit a new application that includes all required components.   Acknowledgment of Support When a project is complete and publications, exhibits or platforms generated, all program residents will provide The Murie Center with a draft copy of the manuscript, materials, or links, and provide information as to where the work will be submitted. The recipient will notify The Murie Center, when and where the work is accepted for publication or self published, when and where it will be exhibited, posted, displayed or otherwise shown. The recipient will work with The Murie Center ahead of time for agreement/concurrence on where the work is submitted. The work shall state that the finished product is not the work of The Murie Center nor does it necessarily express the opinions of The Murie Center, its employees, officers or members of its Board of Directors, however, acknowledgement of the support and cooperation of The Murie Center’s Pattie Layser Writer-in-Residence Program must be appropriately attributed.