Our Mission

The Murie Center brings people together to inspire action that protects nature.

Our Vision

The Murie Center envisions a world in which all people understand the connection between wild places and the human spirit. Everyone plays a role in ensuring that people and nature thrive together.

What We Do

Murie Kids Week Inspire, cultivate and connect rising conservation leaders: In order to ensure that wild places are preserved and humans and wildlife find a harmonious balance on the land they share, we will need more conservationists from all walks of life. One of our goals at The Murie Center is to reach out to rising conservation leaders and cultivate conservation leadership skills via programs and partnerships that offer development opportunities using Murie based curriculum, on-site experiences, and innovative conservation speakers.   Convene gatherings to catalyze innovative approaches to key conservation issues: The Murie Center believes in using our voice and resources effectively, and empowering other individuals and groups to do the same, as the Muries did in countless forums - bringing bright minds together with the biggest of ideas to make the world a better place. The Murie Ranch has historically been a backdrop for discussion and debate among the Murie family and other environmental leaders and groups.   Flathead Valley Sustain and build upon the Murie Legacy and stewardship of the Murie Ranch while maintaining relevance to future conservation efforts: As interpreters of the Murie Legacy, we are stewards of the Murie Ranch, caring for and maintaining the buildings and property for the enjoyment of the public and the array of wildlife that make their home here. The Murie Family Collection contains photographs, personal papers, awards, art, and books from the lives of the Muries, and we are dedicated to preserving, organizing and making this collection available for researchers.   Flathead Valley Extending the mission of Grand Teton National Park: Nestled beneath the shadow of the majestic Tetons on a secluded stretch of Grand Teton National Park land, The Murie Center values the work of the National Park Service in preserving the inspirational quality of our surrounding landscape while working to encourage a diverse population to take part in the National Park experience. We continue to work closely with our neighbor to advance mutual goals through creative programming and outreach.  
We are grateful for your help in making this work possible.  If you would like to make a donation to help support The Murie Center, please visit our Support Us page!